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All Picture Finder 3.18

website all images batch download tool,Can download all website pictures
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All Picture Finder is a handy piece of software that can help you download all the pictures from a website, just by entering its URL address. This makes it flexible enough to be used in a multitude of ways, as downloading all the photos from a webpage that displays wallpapers is just an example.
Although its intended purpose focuses on pictures, the program can also download all the data from a website, including audio or video streams, along with the HTML source code files.

All Picture Finder features:
1.Download photos from Facebook Google Flickr Twitter 500pxPinterest Bing.
2.List of thumbnails to display database query full-text search
3.Page title create folders categories
4.Support 1~99 thread connections, up to 50 simultaneous connections CPU use is still very low.
5.Smart spider crawlers,the fastest speed search to find and download pictures.find even the image search engine can not find the beautiful pictures.
6.Supports HTTPS downloads,HTTP proxy connections.
7.Web page title create folders for categories,Sort by webpage picture filenames in the order

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